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Its a story about a Lady on a cruise ship. What a heroic lady she was!.

Dear Diary:

MONDAY AFTERNOON: What a wonderful cruise this is going to be. I felt

singularly honored today as the Captain asked me to dine at his table


TUESDAY AFTERNOON: I spent the entire afternoon on the bridge with the

Captain. He explained everything he was doing and told me there are

1262 passengers on board and he is responsible for everyone's comfort,

safety and having a good time. He is so charming and invited me to dine at

his table again tonight.

WEDNESDAY EVENING: The Captain saw me at the pool this afternoon and

invited me to have dinner in his cabin. His cabin is very cozy and the

dinner was served with the best wines. He made several amorous proposals

to me but I stood firm on my moral convictions.

THURSDAY EVENING: Tonight the Captain threatened to sink the ship if I

do not give in to his erotic proposals.

FRIDAY MORNING: I saved 1262 lives last night....twice.

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