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Naaman The Leper

Naaman was the captain of the host of King of Syria. He was a great and honourable man but he had a disease called Leprosy. The little maid that served Naaman's wife told her if her master, Naaman, was with the prophet in Samaria, he would be healed. So the King of Syria sent Naaman, along with a letter to the King of Israel. When the King of Israel received the letter, he tore his clothes. The King was upset because he knew that he could not heal Naaman. When Elisha(a man of God) heard that the King of Israel was so upset, he told him to let Naaman come to him.

So Naaman went to Elisha's door, and Elisha sent out a messenger to tell Naaman to go and dip in the Jordan River seven times, and he would be healed. Naaman was very angry because Elisha did not come out himself and heal him right there. Naaman wanted to dip in some of the other rivers that were cleaner then the Jordan River. Therefore, he went away
very mad. His servants told him that if he had been asked to do some great thing, would he not have done it? So he wnet and dipped in the Jordan River according to what the man of God had told him, and he was healed.

*****The Lesson behind this story*****
It had nothing to do with the water that healed Naaman, but the obedience to God that made him well.