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Female Teacher Principal & Kid

by www.ifunnystory.com 

A female teacher,was having a problem with a boy in her class of 3rd grade.
The boy said 'M'am, I should b in 4th grade,Ï'm smarter than my sis & she's in the 4th grade'.
The M'am {Teacher} had heard enough of his complains & took the boy 2 the Principal's office.
She explained everything 2 the Principal who decided 2 test the boy with some questions that a 4th grade should know.

Principal: What's 3+3?
Boy: 6

Principal: 6+6?
Boy: 12

& so on..

The Principal asked the boy many ques $ the boy got them right.
The Principal then asked M'am 2 send the boy 2 4th grade.
M'am decided 2 ask some more questions & the Principal agreed.

M'am: What does a cow have 4 of,that Ï've only 2 of?

Boy: Legs

M'am: What's in ur pants that u have but I dont have?

Boy: Pockets

M'am: What starts wit a C & ends with T, is hairy, oval, delicious & contains thin whitish liquid?

Boy: Coconut

M'am: What goes in hard & pink then comes out soft & sticky?
The principal's eyes open really wide,but b4 he could stop the answer, the boy was taking charge.

Boy: Bubble Gum

M'am: U stick ur poles inside me. U tie me down 2 get me up, I get wet b4 u do. What am I?

Boy: Tent

The principal was looking restless

M'am: A finger goes in me. U fiddle with me when u're bored. The best man always has me 1stn what am I?

Boy: Wedding Ring

M'am: I come in many sizes. When Ï'm not well, I drip. When u blow me,u feel good?

Boy: Nose

M'am: I've a stiff shaft. My tip penetrates,I come with a quiver


M'am: What starts wit 'F' & ends with a 'K' & if u dont get it, u've 2 use ur hand?


M'am: Whats it that all men have,it's longer in some men than others,the Pope doesn't use his & a man gives it 2 his wife after marriage?

Boy: Surname

M'am: What part of the man has no bone,but has muscles with a lot of veins like pumpin & is responsible 4 making love?

Boy: Heart
The principal breathed a sigh of relief & told the teacher:- 'Send the boy 2 University, I got the last 10 questions wrong myself!