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Hearing Issue

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An old man at doctors office, and he asked the doctor if there is any way he could find out if his wife was having hearing issue. Because, she refuse to go for hearing testing.

The doctor replied, "If she won't come in for a hearing test, you could try talking to her. When you get home try call her from far away. If you get no response, then move a little closer and repeat what you've said. If she doesn't hear you at first, you can judge just how deaf she is by how close you get, until she does hear."

Armed with this information, he sets off home. Opening the front door he notices his wife in the kitchen down the passageway, with her back to the door. Closing the door quietly, he says to his wife, "Hi honey, I'm home, what's for dinner?"

He gets no response, so he moves a little closer and says again, "Hi honey, I'm home, what's for dinner?"

Still no response; so he enters the kitchen,and says, "Hi honey, I'm home, what's for dinner?"

Again she doesn't respond, so he walks up to her touches her arm and says, "Hi honey, I'm home, what's for dinner?"

With that she turn around and shouts at him, "Bread and Egg, for the fourth f..king time I saying to you deaf bastard!"

Moral: Don't judge others and judge your self first